Our Books



Thumbelina is a well-known character from the novel loved by people of all ages. With our iBook Thumbelina your children can read and re-read the story as many times as they want. Our Thumbelina with beautiful images helps children develop sense of aesthetics and beauty in their minds, as well as kind-heartedness, love for nature and belief in bright future in their young souls.

The Snow Queen

Dive into the captivating magic story about true love and devotedness. Our edition of the famous story of the struggle between good and evil written by a great Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen is available in iBookstore. Our beautiful illustrations through the iBook bring the characters into life and helps children to connect and understand the storyline better.

The Ugly Duckling

One of the most touching fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen is The Ugly Duckling, a story about one poor little harmless nestling that lived a life of misery, humiliation and purposefulness for not looking like others at his birth. When creating the illustrations to The Ugly Duckling, we aimed at making the reading engaging and fascinating on one hand and educational and informative on the other hand.

The Tinder Box

The Tinderbox is one of the first and most extraordinary fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen based on a Scandinavian folk tale. Our iBook version of The Tinderbox is full of colorful handmade illustrations, which create a clear vision of the story line. The plot is very dynamic cultivating creativity in children’s minds. While reading The Tinderbox children learn one of the most important lessons of life — never give up your dreams!


The Flax

The Flax is a very insightful fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen. All the illustrations perfectly convey the nature and the XIX century lifestyle. Our artworks mirror the everyday life in such details, that a young reader is able to follow the plot better, beside, they are simply a joy to look at. The Flax teaches children that being optimistic in life regardless of all the troubles and hardships one faces, helps one get in a better place.

The London Right Now

To London Right Now’ is our exclusive interactive electronic guidebook through the capital of Great Britain, which was created to help London visitors organize their sightseeing at best. The book will supply the reader with tips on moving in England and give practical advice, such as where to have dinner and buy souvenirs in London. We gleaned the information about the remarkable places to satisfy the most sophisticated traveller.


Unicorn Silva and Embarassing Horn

Unicorn Silva and the Embarrassing Horn is the first of our cartoon electronic series about the adventures of Unicorn Silva. Our interactive book has a special interface developed for easier perception by a child. The type and the size of the letters perfectly suit children’s eyesight. Besides, the adventures of Unicorn Silva are also a great way to learn about friendship as one of the true life values.


Our Apps


New Year: Find Your Presents!

Why do children love winter so much? Beside the magic and beauty of the Christmas and New Year Eve, kids are excited about gifts! Our new app New Year: Find Your Present is available to play for those who cannot wait to get the presents. Our game has an original plot, excellent graphics and joyful music written specially for this project. Waste no time and download New Year: Find Your Present app from the App Store.

The Dragon Stone: The Princess’s Holidays

The Dragon Stone: The Princess’s Holidays is a new game based on the original story by Alex Akamen. Our entertaining “hidden objects” genre game helps children improve visual memory and attention to details, coordination and fine motor skills. Are you ready to treat your kids with a trip in the mysterious castle to help Princess Snow and her friends find treasures? Download the app and set on to a remarkable journey!

The Dragon Stone: The Princess’s Holidays

If you like adventures and adore solving mysteries, you'll love the philosophical tale about glorious times when dragons lived on Earth, and rulers used to ask the bravest warriors, and children were taught to be victorious from a very early age. The tale is designed like an ancient book and gracefully illustrated. Each chapter is accompanied with a unique sound track and beautiful light effects.

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