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Thumbelina is a well-known character from the novel of the same name loved by people of all ages. Do you remember this timeless bright story of a tiny pretty girl that could find enough room in a walnut shell? That girl with a heart of gold remained always kind and delicate regardless of all the hardships she had to undergo. Thumbelina, written by H. C. Andersen, became an ever-present story for all little girls and boys on the planet.

It becomes even more touching and inspirational in our iBook, owing to our dainty and unique illustrations running through the story. Our digital edition of Thumbelina won the Editor’s Choice Award in iBookstore for the exceptional illustrations, which makes it so special among all Thumbelina publications.

Let your children discover the adventures of Thumbelina and all the characters she meets in her hard but wonderful journey: an ugly toad and her shallow son-toad, sympathetic little fishes and a graceful white butterfly, a narcissistic cockchafer and his unfriendly fellows, an old caring field-mouse and a hard-hearted blind mole, a poor wounded swallow and the tiny beautiful prince of flowers. Due to our detailed illustrations the unfading beautiful story of Thumbelina carries the reader away to the green woods and to the mole’s gloomy underground, to the frosty winter and then to the sunny bright summer again, until she cleaves the clear blue sky riding the swallow and lands at the marvelous flower field where she finds her happiness at last.

With our iBook Thumbelina your children can read and re-read the story as many times as they want and view all the illustrations again and again without worrying to read the book to tatters. Our Thumbelina with beautiful images helps children develop sense of aesthetics and beauty in their minds, as well as kind-heartedness, love for nature and belief in bright future in their young souls.

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