The Ugly Duckling

Hans Christian Andersen

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One of the most touching fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen is The Ugly Duckling, a story about one poor little harmless nestling that lived a life of misery, humiliation and purposefulness for not looking like others at his birth. He suffered rejection from all his brothers and sisters until he grew to become a beautiful swan.

The story of The Ugly Duckling becomes even more affecting in our iBook by virtue of vivid illustrations accompanying the plot. The illustrations to our book are all exclusive, handcrafted and naturalistic. When creating the illustrations to The Ugly Duckling, we aimed at making the reading engaging and fascinating on one hand and educational and informative on the other hand. So that children are not only going to have pleasure from reading the story, but they will be able to learn about the life of the birds, their sorts, looks and features from the pictures.

The story of the Ugly Duckling shows how judgmental people can be. It displays the cruelty and shallowness of the crowd. It teaches to search deeper into the root of the problem and never give up in life. While reading The Ugly Duckling children cultivate sympathy to the others. They may also find out that in the end things may appear not as they seemed to be at the first site. It is a great story to read for children of all ages.

H. C. Andersen, a Danish poet and author of the XIX century, is believed to draw a veil over his autobiography through the story of the Ugly Duckling. The places described in the fairytale chronologically symbolize the geographical locations of the author’s lifetime. Just like the Ugly Duckling from the book, his appearances were also queer and questionable by the opinion of society. Reading the story can help a child overcome his or her anxiety and learn about real beauty — beauty of the heart.

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