The Tinderbox

Hans Christian Andersen

Made for iBooks

The Tinderbox is one of the first and most extraordinary fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen based on a Scandinavian folk tale. It is about a fortunate and cunning soldier, who wins wealth and a beautiful princess’s heart and becomes the king of a large city — all thanks to his wits and a magic artifact that he found.

Our iBook version of The Tinderbox is full of colorful handmade illustrations, which create a clear vision of the story line. In our iBooks we use only original handcrafted images, made exclusively for this iBook edition.

Although the author was deeply inspired by a Middle Eastern folk tale “Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp”, the plot is very original and unexpected. H. C. Andersen seemed to love magic and heroic themes combined with a dramatic line in his works. Magical items and artifacts fall into the hands of the main heroes and incredible things happen to the latters further on.

One of the most frequent ideas in Andersen’s works was shown in The Tinderbox, which is one should never give up, because there is always a way out from the most complicated life circumstances. The theme of the eternal fight between the good and the evil takes place in his fairytales as well.

The main character of The Tinderbox is a poor handsome soldier, who is forced to take tough decisions at the beginning. He reveals inconceivable courage, generosity, strength, ruse and persistence throughout the story. The brave soldier in this fairytale is a perfect example for boys to follow, as well as a pattern of a true man for girls.

The plot is very dynamic and unpredictable cultivating originality and creativity in children’s minds. While reading The Tinderbox children learn one of the most important lessons of life — never give up your dreams!

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