The Flax

Hans Christian Andersen

Made for iBooks

The Flax is a very insightful fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen in the middle of the XIX century. This fairytale portraits the life and metamorphoses of a piece of flax that with time was turned into linen, then into underwear, further on it became paper and finally it was burned to ashes. The moral of the story is to be grateful for everything the life has given to a person — and so this person will be rewarded in the future.

The most vivid illustrations accompany the plot of The Flax throughout our iBook. All the illustrations are handcrafted and created especially for this project. They perfectly convey the nature and the XIX century lifestyle. Our artworks mirror the everyday life in such details, that a young reader is able to follow the plot better, beside, they are simply a joy to look at.

Reading The Flax teaches children the importance of positive thinking and that being optimistic in life regardless of all the troubles and hardships one faces, helps one get in a better place. They can find out that appreciation of what you have is crucial for achieving success. Children also learn that there may be people who will envy them deeply and disbelieve in them, but they should not listen to them, because everything depends on their own motivation. Believing in yourself is much more important than what other people say. Andersen’s fairytale The Flax discloses the author’s love of nature and keenness of observation, which children will take in while reading it.

Parents will also enjoy reading The Flax together with their children. Philosophical thoughts beneath this children’s fairytale are quite useful for adults as well. How many of adults followed their dreams? Literary critics suggest that H.C. Andersen implied his own experience when believing in his idea helped him overcome all his personal burdens.

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