The Snow Queen

Hans Christian Andersen

Made for iBooks

Dive into the captivating magic story about true love and devotedness, where a little innocent girl with a brave heart Gerda sets on a troubled journey of many ordeals and stands up to the evil and mighty queen of all ices, in order to save her dear friend Kai. Our edition of the famous story of the struggle between good and evil written by a great Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen is available in iBookstore.

Our amazingly beautiful illustrations through the iBook bring the characters into life and helps children to connect and understand the storyline better. The illustrations, made with love for children and with admiration to the story and its author, which encourages to develop better imagination, creativeness, sense of beauty and love for art in young children’s minds.

The Snow Queen is one of the longest stories of Andersen’s works. The plot is slightly complicated and our illustrations guide children through each page of the iBook. The story begins when Kai becomes bewitched by mischievous and evil trolls, and taken by the Snow Queen to her palace near the Snow Pole. His childhood friend Gerda feels so heartbroken about his disappearance that she goes on an incredible journey to find and rescue him. Gerda overcomes a lot of hindrances and meets various characters on her way; some of them help her kindly, while others put tricky obstacles in her way.

While reading this book, children get life experience and discover that there are insidious people and sweet lies on one hand, and good, empathic individuals on the other hand. Children learn to be kind, helpful, sympathetic, open-hearted, but careful and worldly-wise at the same time. It is essential for kids to be taught to believe in human nature and in their own strengths. With the help of our richly illustrated iBook The Snow Queen your child will have a pleasurable reading of one of the greatest fairytales ever known.


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