New Year:
Find Your Presents!


Why do children love winter festive season so much? Beside the magic and beauty of the Christmas and New Year Eve celebration, kids, and not only them, are excited about gifts! Our new app New Year: Find Your Present is available to play for those who cannot wait to get the presents. Our game has an original plot, excellent graphics and joyful music written specially for this project. Game’s characters Emma and Alex together with their pets, puppy Tim and kitten Bob, will help children to look for the presents. It is not that easy to find them, as every child probably already knows it, but it is a fun job to do.

Searching for the presents can be tricky at times as there are plenty of hidden places in the house, but Emma and Alex are always there to give the little player some hints. Emma and Alex love making friends and take them to a circus and an aquarium. They even have Facebook account where they write all about their recent adventures.

New Year: Find Your Present app is the game of genre ‘I am looking for’. With its intuitive and multi-touch interface, and a shake feature, where children have to shake the device in order to see the hidden items, our app is easy and fun to play even for small kids. This game develops children’s memory, attention to details, coordination and the ability to concentrate.

And the game is not over after all the presents are found. Players receives super bonus at the end of the game and can send a greeting e-card with an instant photo on it to a friend! By the way, the game includes several sets of presents and can be replayed with the same excitement all over again. Waste no time and download New Year: Find Your Present app available from the App Store.

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