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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the ActivePads Privacy Policy. Privacy is very important to us, and it should be to you too. Please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy.

We don’t collect any personally identifiable information about our users. Our apps don’t save and collect information such as a user’s name, address, phone number or e-mail address and precise geographic location.

We don’t use technology to collect and disclose to a third party a user’s personal information such as name, sex, age, address, e-mail address, phone number, grade and school.

In our postcard-games we may ask users to provide certain information such as name, but we don't collect it for any purpose of future using. For other activities, such as sending an electronic postcard or e-mail to invite a friend to join a game, we may also ask for personal information about other people such as e-mail address, but we don't collect it.

Our apps may contain information about our other apps with links to those apps, but our apps don’t contain any extraneous advertising banners.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us:

24 dec 2013


Product Feedback

Have you tried our products and would like to share your opinion with us? We always appreciate feedback. If you would like to comment on our existing iBooks and iOS applications we are glad to get your thoughts. ActivePads values views of our young readers and their parents. We want to stay in tune with you and know what you think as it helps us create better products for your enjoyment. Feel free to drop us a line at as we would love to hear from you with any query.


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Talented Professionals

ActivePads supports talented writers who would like to launch its books in iStore. We successfully collaborate with an award-winning writer whose story was transformed into an interactive application for children. If you are a talented writer who has unique inspiring stories for children and their friends and parents, we will help you get started with digitizing your book. We will guide you through the publishing process and our team of illustrators will bring your book into i-life with the most beautiful and creative images. Give us a shout at and let’s take it from there.

Clients and Partners

Interested in working together? If you have a great idea of iOS application or would like to publish your book in iBookstore we would be glad to cooperate with you and make it happen. Our team of illustrators, graphic designers and software developers are always up for a challenge. ActivePads is not just an ordinary agency providing app-development services. We develop our own products for iStore and we are proud of them. Having expertise in creating iBooks and iOS applications for children, we know what it takes to produce a great iBook or iOS app. We are ready to share our experience and expertise for developing your application. Please email us at or fill in the form below to get in touch and discuss your ideas.

Contacts Us

Welcome To The World Of ActivePads!

Today, we have entered the digital age: the era of interactive learning, in which education and entertainment are combined to motivate, inspire and teach children and engage their parents in the challenging process. With a clear understanding of children’s innate emotional and psychological needs, we are glad to share our fresh and innovative vision to learning through our interactive product portfolio.

Have you ever wondered how to surprise your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, or their friends in the most engaging and funny way? Think it no more as our iBooks and Apps for iPad completely solve this problem!

Why choose ActivePads?

Recent research shows that interactive reading and playing is good for people of different ages. With a wide choice of interactive books and mind logic games, we are glad to bring an innovative approach to original storytelling and skill development of toddlers, junior schoolchildren and teenagers.

Through books, parents introduce young children to the world. Starting reading at an early age not only enhances kids’ vocabulary, but sets them on a journey of lifelong readers. Our iBooks are based on favorite children’s stories by classic authors with unique illustrations. Interactive books are new medium engaging children in a story line. With animated books for iPad, kids are still being read to, but now they become a part of the story. Helping favorite characters to overcome game challenges, children can learn life values as well as have fun.

Tailored for iPad, all interactive books and applications are created to bring out the best in kids and help them develop their memory, speech, attention, and the ability to concentrate in an entertaining manner. With both children and parents involved, we contribute to the cultural and educational progress, while making it touchable, inspirational and creative.

We carefully design, develop and introduce the product items we feature on our website, so that you can rely on their quality and accessibility. Approved by qualified and competent specialists in the field of child’s psychology, ActivePads products are healthy and safe for kids of all ages.

Eager to encourage your children to read? Check out our latest iBooks and Apps with beautiful illustrations available on the iBookStore and AppStore ranging from classic to modern tales. Up for something more interactive? Discovering ActivePads book-apps hidden features through reading will definitely catch kids’ attention.

Why do our iBooks and Apps make the best gifts? Someone said that giving a book — you give the whole world inside it. It is a pretty small price to pay for the whole world, isn’t it? Besides, our iBooks won’t get read off, get lost or fade in colour. They come in a great size and shape of your favorite iPad with HD Graphics, music accompaniment and visual effects. Furthermore, some of ActivePads’ games are based on our iBooks, so children can read a book and play a game with their all-time favorite characters.

Hans Christian Andersen

Travelling Without Moving

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