Working with Hospitals

Having researched the market and identifying existing gaps, ActivePads teamed up with one of Israel’s largest and most innovative hospitals, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center located in Tzrifin, Israel, where a team of dedicated nurses under the creative leadership of Vitaliy Reznitskiy, has revolutionized the way small children and children with various communicative and cognitive disabilities and those on the autism spectrum are identified and treated by the hospital using a number of pre and post-operative soothing techniques and therapies, some of it based on technologies such as portable tablets and iPads.  This is where the creativity of our team came into play and with a cooperation of a renowned Belorussian child psychologist Natalia Smirnova,  Israeli neuro surgeon Vladmir Shuvalov and a dedicated nurse practitioner Vitaliy Reznitskiy who developed an innovative training program for hospital staff focused on special care for children and special needs patients undergoing surgical procedures.

The program has no equivalents on the market today and while basic visual aid applications exist, none of them are developed specifically with the goal of reducing pre and post operative fear and anxiety in children and children with disabilities undergoing surgical procedures. The games, applications and interactive books were developed to be tools for the hospitals that perform surgical procedures on children without the availability of a dedicated child specialist.

This innovative use of art and technology inspired our team to create, design, develop and finally test the products on the young patients and those with cognitive and behavioral disabilities. Product testing with Israeli patients showed positive and encouraging results and we are very thankful to have been a part of such groundbreaking project, which has the potential to change the world (well, at least the world of children adjusting to hospital stay and all of the fears, stress and uncertainty that come with it).  You can browse the books and applications that were developed and tested in cooperation with our Israeli colleague and undying advocate for his patients, Vitaliy Reznitskiy and his amazing medical team in this section.



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